Thank you HMRI

On the 23rd of March our Heart Safe Team had the pleasure of joining a group of keen HMRI staff members to share some lifesaving CPR pearls. We had a great time with the HMRI team who were so wonderfully engaged with the process and took every opportunity to soak up the skills. Thank you HMRI for having us and thank you for all your lifesaving work!

The HMRI and Heart Safe Teams getting together to share some lifesaving skills

4 thoughts on “Thank you HMRI

  1. Really good! It was nice to attend a course that was actually memorable – you made it easy to follow. Would recommend. Thank you


  2. This was a very valuable session, easy to understand and I still remember what I was taught! It took away the complications and I also found how to identify and use the AED very important. I see them everywhere now I know what to look for. I was even able to share my new knowledge with my family thanks to the little card and video. Thank you!


  3. I thought it was very valuable.
    It has given me the confidence in the process.
    Would highly recommend for all to attend.
    Thank you


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