Survivor Stories – Peter Morrissey

Peter Morrissey was a regular morning swimmer at Merewether baths but on February 10th 2020 he was lucky that the water was too dirty to swim. Instead of a swim he decided to walk along the beach to Dixon Park and back and then did some laps up and down the stairs behind the baths. PeterContinue reading “Survivor Stories – Peter Morrissey”

Survivor Stories – Peter Martine

Just before Christmas in 2020 Peter Martine , a 57 year old former Westpac Rescue Helicopter Crewman and active Surf Lifesaver, was talking to his wife and daughter when he suddenly slumped into a chair and became unresponsive. Peter had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest, but quick-thinking wife Teena and daughter Macy recognised that heContinue reading “Survivor Stories – Peter Martine”

Survivor Stories – John Schiemer

Heath and Jenny Schiemer awoke at 0430 the day after Anzac Day in 2019 to sound of abnormal breathing/moaning coming from their son John’s room. They found him face down, eyes rolled back and unresponsive. John had suffered a sudden cardiac arrest that morning due to a medical condition called Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, a condition whichContinue reading “Survivor Stories – John Schiemer”

Survivor Stories: Professor David Durrhiem

Professor David Durrheim was out for an early morning cross country run at 6am on October 20th, 2014, when he collapsed on the path. David had suffered a cardiac arrest only a few minutes into his morning run. Luckily, a lady out walking found him shortly after, realising he was unresponsive and not breathing, sheContinue reading “Survivor Stories: Professor David Durrhiem”